Josh Valentine, Chief Marketing Strategist

A Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Wheaton College in Massachusetts and a Master of Arts degree in Digital Media Production from Boston’s Emerson College enabled Josh to hone his expertise in digital marketing, while still staying true to the original, and most important, form of engagement and communication – the written word.

Upon founding Promenade Media in 2007, and years before its actual inception, Josh has worked with many businesses and organizations to achieve success in web marketing. He helped develop content for new website launches and redesigns; produced digital video in the promotion of new products and services; and spearheaded entire web marketing and social media marketing campaigns, from genesis to fruition, for renewable energy and fresh water conservation products, services, and initiatives.

Since reading Henry David Thoreau’s Walden as a junior in high school, Josh has been passionate about the conservation of our environment. He is proud to offer his professional services to clients who want to promote energy literacy and also be sustainable in their business. The main focus of Josh’s path follows the three pillars of sustainability: equality for every individual, respect for the planet, and economic health and demands. He knows that the growing renewable energy industry will fit comfortably into this sustainable framework.

Josh was an active board member of the Maine Marketing Association for over five years, serving as its president from 2010-2013. He headed Maine Businesses for Sustainability’s web marketing efforts from 2011-2012. Josh is also heavily involved in other renewable energy projects and animal rights activism.

When not working or playing music, Josh enjoys skiing, attending U2 and Phish concerts, and hiking trips with his Bulldog, Bagel. Josh grew up in the suburbs of New York City. He now resides in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.




  • Clean Energy Action – Digital Communications Advisor, 2013-Present
  • Colorado Renewable Energy Society – Member, 2013-Present
  • Save the Manatee Club – Volunteer, 2006-Present
  • Maine Marketing Association – President, 2010-2013 | President-elect, 2009-2010 | Sponsorship Chair, 2007-2009
  • Maine Businesses for Sustainability – Web Marketing Manager, 2011-2012