Promenade Media strives to work with businesses and organizations that are sustainable or that aim to be sustainable. We value the three pillars of doing business sustainably: people, planet, and profit. Working in renewable energy and energy literacy already lends itself to a business model that puts people and the environment over profit, but to really be sustainable, the profit made from renewables can sometimes go back to fueling the greater good.

So what does it mean to be sustainable?

While there is no single standardized definition, there are many opinions and beliefs as to what it means for a business to be sustainable. While the study of sustainability evolves, it’s safe to say that right now a sustainable business is one that operates in an environmentally responsible way. Its products and business processes are such that no negative environmental impact is felt as a result of their existence. The details of sustainable business lie in chemistry and material science, ecology, and environmental science. The reality of achieving sustainable operations lies largely with business leaders of today and tomorrow.

Few businesses or organizations can truly call themselves 100% sustainable. Many, however, are well on their way to sustainability as a result of incorporating the above ideals into their business operations. These are the businesses that Promenade Media wants to work with to help them market, sell, educate, value, and grow via the web. We also want to work with businesses that could become sustainable with transformational changes.